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At Catesmix we are aware of the needs of our clients’ projects. With over 50 years of experience in the bakery and pastry industry, we know firsthand the opportunities and challenges of our sector.

We are the supplier and partner of our clients, so we offer you developments with which to lead the market safely, offering:


We have in our team a Master Baker and Pastry, both with more than 25 years of professional experience. They are the people who introduce our references, train our clients and listen to their concerns, in order to offer them the best solution. Paco Romo and Narciso Durán are bakers and pastry consultants, always ready to get involved in each project.


&D department works every day to develop our products and design mixes as they can meet the specific needs of a market in constant evolution and high level of demand.


If we don’t have the mix our clients need, we develop it to provide the technological support they need in their processes. Time is gold in our day and our formulas are the best ally in resource optimization.


Our facilities and our production chain meet with the most rigorous quality control. That is why we have official certifications (FSCC22000) and others of special character. All this added to the value of our team, which has a high qualification and experience in the field of food, is our best label on the market.


We’re here to help you, tell Paco and Narciso what you need. We are sure that we can grow together in this of feeding society with what we do best: quality bread and cakes.