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Catesmix, Other Products

Our “other products” range will help you complement, enrich and customize your elaborated with different proposals, mixtures of different seeds, selected malts and special flours.

Chemical Yeast

Packaging available

Catesmix Impulse Cube of 5 Kg. And Sack of 25 Kg.


Packaging available

Catesmix Anti-mould Sack of 5 and 10 Kg.


Packaging available

Sunflower seeds Sack of 5 Kg.
Oat Flakes Sack of 5 Kg.
Sesame Seed Sack of 5 Kg.
Brown flaxseed Sack of 10 Kg.
Golden flaxseed Sack of 5 Kg.
Catesmix Multigrain Sack of 5 and 25 Kg.


Packaging available

Catesmix Malta Plus Sack of 10 Kg.
Roasted Soft Malt flour Sack of 25 Kg.

Release agent

Packaging available

Catesmix Trennwol Bag of 10 Kg.