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Catesmix, Improvers

Our range of improvers are the result of the combination of the best enzymatic technologies with a selection of first quality raw materials.

Developed to help bakery and pastry professionals, so that their fermented products obtain the best results.

Concentrated improvers

Packaging Available

Catesmix Vital B Sacks of 5 and 15 Kg.
Catesmix Ideal Sack of 25 Kg.
Catesmix Vital Forte Sack of 15 Kg.

Semi-concentrated improvers

Packaging available

Catesmix Medium Sack of 15 Kg.
Catesmix Crospan Sack of 25 Kg.
Catesmix Mediterráneo Sack of 25 Kg.
Catesmix Nuevo Star Sack of 25 Kg.

Precooking improvers

Packaging Available

Catesmix Paypan Forte Sack of 25 Kg.
Catesmix Precocido 5 Estrellas Sack of Kg.
Catesmix Precok Sack of 25 Kg.

Controlled Fermentation

Packaging Available

Catesmix Freskon Lux G Sack of 25 Kg.

Lecithin improvers

Packaging Available

Catesmix Kontrol Sack of 25 Kg.
Catesmix Kontrol L Sack of 25 Kg.
Catesmix Estrella Sack of 25 Kg.

Fermentation Frozen Masses

Packaging Available

Catesmix Glaçer Sack of 25 Kg.

Improver for Rustic Bread

Packaging Available

Catesmix Rustic Art Sack of 25 Kg.
Catesmix Maltés 2% Sack of 25 Kg.

Dough Mother Substitutese

Packaging Available

Catesmix Naturlich M Sack of 25 Kg.
Catesmix Solera Sack of 15 Kg.
Catesmix MM Trigo Sack of 25 Kg.

Ecological improver

Packaging Available

Catesmix Ecovol Sack of 25 Kg.
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