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Mix for pancakes


Mix for pancakes

Mix for pancakes, the last bite of Catesmix

One of the benefits of globalization that we live in today is that it is possible to enjoy the gastronomy of almost any country without leaving our own city. Our new Pancake Mix is about a bit of that, how to travel with the palate to America as a family.

Although the pancakes go beyond the typical American breakfast, the reality is that adults, youths and children enjoy them with jam, sugar or chocolate. Despite of its simplicity, and thanks to the numerous combinations it admits, it is a product that adapts to all tastes and palates.

In its sweet side, with caramel, chocolate or cream, but also in the salty one, with salmon or cheese to spread, the pancake is an ideal option for any time of the day.


The best ingredients and a light vanilla flavour

The launch of our new pancake mix responds to a specific demand of our customers, always concerned to offer the best and most complete offer.
Our pancake mix is composed of a base of wheat flour, sugar, milk and egg. Add water to these ingredients, whisk for about 30 seconds and leave to stand for 5 minutes. Then the mixture will be ready to cook. Just as fast and simple.

In addition, one of the features that most highlight our customers of this mix of pancakes is its pleasant and light vanilla flavour.
In breakfasts, lunches and snacks, the Catesmix pancake mix is an ideal product for those customers looking to offer a different option but maintaining quality and efficiency in processing.