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Clean Label roscon


Clean Label roscon

Catesmix launches a new Clean Label roscon

There are trends that come to stay and, at times, produce great benefits for all. In the area of food, society is evolving positively towards increasing awareness of healthy living habits and a healthy and balanced diet. For that reason we launched this new CLEAN LABEL roscon that meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

The clean label certifies that the product does not have superfluous additives, in this case the E numbers (emulsifiers), and the information on the composition of the product is understandable to the consumer.


Clean label, lactose-free and sourdough roscon

The launch of this new roscon has been a challenge for our I&D Department, as it has had several difficulties:
First of all, the result should not be far from the traditional flavour of the roscon that we all have printed in our memory and that takes us every year to our earliest childhood.

On the other hand, it has not been easy to find the type of flour with the right properties for a product like this and also to replace emulsifiers. This clean label roscon does not contain lactose and is made with sourdough. In addition, its formula is specially developed to obtain a product that stays fresher and more tender for longer.


The result is a balanced roscon with a light orange blossom flavor

The result has been a balanced roscon, with a light orange blossom flavor, which the craftsman can work to give it its final touch. In addition, another of the advantages of this new product is, without a doubt, the regularity in its flavor, which makes the consumer loyal since it will always maintain the same essence.

The clean label roscon is an added value alternative for a growing part of society that does not want to give up traditions, but is sensitized to a conscious and healthy diet, and whose purchasing decisions are not fundamentally conditioned by price, but by quality.