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Wholegrain bread 100%


Wholegrain bread 100%

A 100% whole-grain bread is possible with the new Catesmix mix

Last July, the new Bread Act came into effect in Spain with the intention of creating a quality framework for the production of such products and providing a guarantee to the consumer. This fact and the growing social demand for natural and whole-grain products, has led us to take a step further in Catesmix and offer the best 100% whole-grain bread récipe.
At Catesmix we have a great experience in the world of food and we always guarantee the highest quality in our products. That is why we have created a 100% whole-grain bread mix that complies with recently approved regulations.


What is 100% whole-grain bread?

There is a realistic consumer trend on the market, represented by a demand for products faithful to their origin. That is why at Catesmix we have worked on this concept of 100% whole-grain bread, giving the option to our bakers to offer the final customer a bread on the rise.


High in fiber and with sourdough, ideal for diabetics

Whole-grain bread maintains the complete properties of cereals, providing essential fatty acids, vitamins, fibers and minerals, making it a perfect bread for patients with diabetes. White bread, on the other hand, has a lower nutritional value and a high glycemic index, which increases insulin, favouring the accumulation of fat, which makes it a less suitable bread for people who need a more careful diet.
At Castemix we want to make all the possibilities offered by bread available to our customers and therefore we offer the 100% whole-grain bread mix, conserving all the nutrients of the grain, for lovers of the natural. Its great fiber supply guarantees a quality and healthy bread.
The 100% mix is made of whole-grain flour and sourdough (only whole-grain flour and water). So, with this new mix, we offer the professional to take one more step towards the responsible consumer with his diet, who chooses for a real healthy and whole-grain bread. Moreover, being a 100% mix, we simplify the manufacturing process, obtaining a homogeneous and standardized production.