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Catesmix in the Kosherfest


Catesmix in the Kosherfest

All ready to present at Kosherfest the Catesmix mixes

There are very few days left for Catesmix’s debut at Kosherfest, the world’s largest and busiest Kosher certified trade fair, that takes place in the USA and in which we will present a good number of mixes with which we hope to surprise a very demanding market.
“All products have been adapted using ingredients that are certified as Kosher and we have even gone further. Lactose, for example, has been removed in some of the mixes to make them more compatible with the precepts of this market, but not because they cannot consume milky products, but because we are dealing with clients who take manufacturing processes very much into account, because of their beliefs”, explains Gonzalo Gimeno, Sales Manager at Catesmix.

The landing of Catesmix at the Kosherfest, is a bet on the Jewish market. To this end, the Company has adapted its production following the specific quality control of the Kosher stamp – a hebrew term meaning suitable, appropriate or convenient-, which requires compliance with the dietary requirements of the Hebrew Bible.


Regularity and variety, the offer of Catesmix at the Kosherfest

Catesmix will be one of the 300 exhibitors at Kosherfest, with a proposal of 16 references, from chocolate muffin, pancake or lemon cake to a good selection of lactose-free and egg-free bread improvers.

As they do on the European market, the Catesmix mixes will bring to the Jewish market a regularity in the product to the bakers and confectioners, and a rich variety of foods to the consumers of Kosher products.

The Jewish population is estimated to almost 14 million, or 0.2% of the world’s population. However, and although the Kosher stamp is a certification demanded by their society, more and more vegetarians and vegans are eating products with this stamp, as their products fit more with their consumption habits.