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Good bread route

Good bread route

Paco Romo, our Master baker, jury of the “Good Bread Route” in Cáceres

Extremadura has hosted for the first time the “Good Bread Route”, a contest of artisan bakers that rewards the best of each community with the “Golden Breadcrumb”. Our Master baker Paco Romo has been one of the four members of the jury of this edition, together with Eduardo Crespo, world champion of artistic bakery 1992 in Paris; Eduardo Úbeda, professor of the Bakery School of Madrid; and Gonzalo Gimeno, Sales Manager of Catesmix.

“This type of event seeks to recognize the good work of artisan bakers, is a stimulus to evolve a product as necessary and popular as bread”, explains Paco Romo.
The Golden Breadcrumb of Extremadura was for Javier Quintana Lorenzo, from the Quintana Artisan Workshop. “He competed according to the rules of the contest, with normal wheat flour and up to 10% rye flour, but he innovated like no other”, says our Master baker. “He works more in cold, with long fermentations and excellent raw materials, and that is noticeable in the quality of bread”, adds Paco Romo, who is the fifth generation of a family of artisan bakers and knows perfectly the evolution of bread to this day.


The best bakers in Spain, on the “Good Bread Route”

Although “Golden Breadcrumb” award is given in each region, all participants compete to become one of the 80 bakers from all over Spain. On November 11th in Gastrónoma, the gastronomic fair that is held in Valencia, Panatics -the organization that calls the contest- will deliver its “Michelin star of bread”-this is how it is informally called in the trade- to the winners.

To win the award, all contestants have been previously evaluated by the different juries of each contest. Texture, smell, taste, crumb conformation, manufacturing process and ingredients, are the details that are taken into account when putting note to the bread, but that is only 60% of the score, as another very important percentage corresponds to another jury charged with going to the shop and valuing the information offered by the sellers, as well as the public exposure of their product, both in the store and on social networks.