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Croissant 50

Pastries - Mixes

Intermediate 50% preparation for croissant production.
Balanced formula that will help us to make an extra quality croissant.a.

Formatos disponibles

Available formats: 25Kg bag

Formula and elaboration process:

Suggested formula:

Ingredients Quantity
Catesmix Croissant 50 5 Kg.
Flour bread 5 Kg.
Water 5,4 Litres.
Fresh yeast 400 g.

Suggestion of the elaboration process:

Knead until obtaining a fine and elastic mass (Temperature mass above 24ºC). Add 400-450 gr of margarine croissant per kilogram of dry matter.

Give the dough three simple folds or two simple and one double. Stretch the grass and cut triangular pieces. Form and paint with egg. Ferment at 35ºC RH 75%. Bake without steam at 220 – 230ºC.