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Multicereals 100

Bakery - With Seeds

Complete preparation of selected flours with lyophilized sourdough and seeds for the elaboration of MULTICEREAL bread.

Recommended for direct or long fermentation craft processes.
Multicereal bread with seeds of excellent flavor and soft texture.

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Formula and elaboration process:

Suggested formula:

Ingredients Quantity
Catesmix Multicereals 10  10 Kg
Water 6,5 l.
Fresh yeast 200 g.

Suggestion of the elaboration process:

Knead until get a thin and elastic dough (Temperature dough about 24ºC). Divide and let stand for 15 minutes. Form the pieces. Ferment in chamber 30ºC 80% RH -. Steam cooking, oven temperature 210 -220ºC.