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Gallego Bread 50

Bakery - Rustic Bread

Prepared semi-complete for the elaboration of Galician type bread.

Specially developed for the production of highly hydrated masses 65-75%. Consistent and alveolate bread crumbs are obtained, with a strong and tasty crust.

Formatos disponibles

Available formats: 25Kg bag

Formula and elaboration process:

Suggested formula:

Ingredients Quantity
Catesmix Gallego 50 5 Kg
Flour bread 5 Kg.
Water 7,5 Litres
Fresh yeast 200 g.

Suggestion of the elaboration process:

Knead first with 65% of hydration until half of the kneading and gradually incorporate the rest of the water until you get a thin and elastic mass.

Mass temperature 25 – 26ºC. Rest in block of 30 minutes. Divide and form the pieces. Fermentation at 28-30 ° C, RH 75% for 60 minutes. Bake at 220-230ºC with steam.