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Sandwich Bread 10

Bakery - White Bread

Intermediate preparation for the elaboration of “lactose free” sandwich bread.

Excellent mix suitable for all types of sandwich, hamburger and hot dog breads, being able to vary the type of cereal and its percentages.

Product conditioned for greater conservation once packaged, both fresh and freezing.

Formatos disponibles

Available formats: 25 kg bags

Formula and elaboration process:

Suggested formula:

Ingredients Quantity
Catesmix  Sandwich Bread 10 1 Kg
Wheat flour 9 Kg.
Water 5 l.
Yeast 0,500 Kg.

Suggestion of the elaboration process:

Knead until get a thin and elastic dough (dough temperature about 24ºC). Stand in block 5 minutes. Divide and roll slowly the pieces. Pre-fermentation 10 – 15 minutes. Form the pieces and put them in the molds. Ferment in chamber 28-30ºC 80% RH – Steam cooking, oven temperature 210-220ºC.